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Why build with Waffle Blocks?

Your child deserves a headstart in life, and playing with Waffle Blocks can kickstart and reinforce
essential elements of their early development nd improve cognitive function! PLUS, they get to build
dinosaurs! Here are just some of the characteristics of a Waffle Blocks kid:

Improved motor function:

The dynamic quality of Marioinex blocks gives
kids opportunities to explore with their hands
as well as their eyes, strengthening fine motor
skills from an early age.

Mental stimulation:

An occupied, interested child is a learning
child. Waffle Blocks provide a tool for
exploring the imagination.

Improved creativity:

Traditional building blocks allow kids limited
options for creativity. With Waffle Blocks’
flexible structure, the sky is the limit! Your little
one can bring whole new worlds to life!

Improved mathematical and
vocabulary skills:

Active play needs communication, and there’s
no child more determined to effectively
communicate what they want than one in the
middle of a Waffle Blocks build!

Socially capable and interactive:

Shared play spaces thrive on communication
and sharing. When you’re the “Waffle
Blocks” family, there will be no shortage of
friends coming around to play.

The Waffle Blocks Mission:

We’re passionate about extending our hands to the next generation and walking them into the brightest future we can. We’re also passionate about fun! That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Marioinex to manufacture our Waffle Blocks. The company creates the toys, and we send them out into the world. The Polish, family-owned organization shares our values of connection and quality. The owners of the brand - Halina and Marian Suchanek - create a friendly and warm working atmosphere, and they treat their employees as family. Our products are made with love, to be played with love.

What people have to say:

These blocks are so fun! We cut back tv and video games so I bought my kids a bunch of stem toys.
They love building all sorts of things and the spend hours playing with these. I would recommend these
for any kids who love to build.


I love the flexibility of these blocks. Hands down one of the kids favorite toys to play with.


This set is awesome! Very nice feeling material, soft enough and hard enough. My kid is making dolls furniture, stable for little horses and so on and so on.
Gives a great support to kids' imagination
Bought it for all our friends for Christmas


I bought these waffle blocks for my children ages 7, 10, 12, and 14. They like to make things with them and said these are easy to use.


Wow, these are really awesome. The texture is great -- there is a slight give to the material that is soothing and makes the waffle blocks more fun to piece together. My 4 and 8 year old both love this set, which seems to be enough pieces but I'm sure they will want more eventually. Nice assortment of colors and the box is sturdy, too. I put a bunch of the blocks in a Ziploc to bring to restaurants to keep little hands busy. Definitely a worthwhile buy.


My son loves them. He loves everything about these mini waffles, loves building and creating buildings, machines, tractors etc. It's not the first set that he has and still wants more. Lots of fun :)


I bought these for my grandkids who are 7 and 8 and they stared building as soon as they saw them and talked to each other about what they were making. So far a great experience! I’m a happy grandma.


I purchased this for my kindergarten students age 5 and 6. They love creating different things with them every time they play with them. I love that they are durable enough to hold up playtime after playtime.


My kiddos at daycare LOVE these! They are flexible and fun and kids of all ages love playing with these.


My daycare children love these blocks. They were a little small, but not too small for them.


Great toy for little ones! They love it!


They are perfect for my two and a half year old twins.


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