Less, but more functional

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Less, but more functional

Minimalism has become more and more popular. We as consumers are increasingly thinking about our choices and we are moving away from thinking that more is better – functionality becomes more important. It also affects the selection of items that surround our child. Parents want the toys to be multifunctional, grow together with the child and give joy for many years. It is also important that they have a positive impact on the child’s development. Of course not everything a child plays has to educate it. However, it should be remembered that providing the child with proper stimulation during play supports his / her good cognitive development.

In this way, we use the time when the brain is the most sensitive. It’s worth mentioning the “Neuroplasticity.” It’s the ability of the human brain to changes that are caused by external factors (stimulation). Recent research proves that the brain is vivid throughout life, which is very good news, because it means that through appropriate actions we can have a real impact on its functioning. Of course, the greatest plasticity of the brain is in the period of the most intense human development. That is why it is so important that children have the opportunity to stimulate it in the right way and thus improve its functioning, which will have a huge impact on their entire lives.

Auditory, visual and movement memory, spatial thinking, creativity, logical thinking and understanding cause-and-effect relationships – you can effortlessly practice it during everyday play. The ingenuity and awareness of a parent who knows that creation a high value playing time is definitely more important than having a huge amount of expensive educational toys. We need to remember that playing is an extremely important time in the lives of children.


– therapist Justyna Walczak for Marioinex Education
Photo by Patricia Prudente

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