The Waffle Blocks Mission

How we bring you educational toys, and why we think they’re the right cognitive development tool for kids everywhere!


You'll accept nothing but the best for the little people in your life, and neither will we. At Waffle Blocks, we’re committed to bringing you peace of mind, functionality, and all fun you can pack into one sturdy box.

We believe that playing is the most enjoyable form of learning. Our toys work to equip children with tools for cognitive development in bright, exciting colors and shapes. Our products support the creativity of children, teach logical thinking and help even the youngest kids express themselves when they might not have the words yet.

We know that the influences kids encounter in their foundational phases have a profound effect on the rest of their lives. Therefore, we’re aware that our Waffle Blocks will have a real impact on future generations. We chose to partner with Marioinex because their approach to toy manufacturing is environmentally sustainable, and we can take responsibility for the products we’re sending out into the world. Based in Poland, the family-owned Marioinex company creates toys that can be fully recycled. The toys are built for durability, and they stand the test of time. One set of Waffle Blocks can be in a family for generations. We pride ourselves on our low-waste, high-enjoyment philosophy.

Marioinex Waffle Blocks are not only durable, sustainable products, but they’re made by fantastic people too. The owners of the brand - Halina and Marian Suchanek - treat their employees as family, and believe in creating a warm working environment. They care about brand development, product quality, and the prosperity of their team. This means the Waffle Blocks you lovingly hand to your little ones were made with utmost care.

We know that kids are the most demanding customers, so we want to provide them with the best products possible. We care about the high quality of our Waffle Blocks: their innovation, their safety, their sustainability, and their fun factor! We’re here to concentrate on putting love and care into our toys, so you can lavish love and care on your kids!