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Our offer includes toys created with attention to every, even the smallest detail. They are characterized by high-quality workmanship, beautiful colors and friendly design. Adapted to the cognitive abilities of children of different ages, they support their development. They help to shape spatial imagination, practice hand-eye coordination, manual skills and creativity. And above all, they bring great joy to children! 

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The Mini Waffle EDU set was designed with the idea of development of children through play. The set contains of 28 cards with development games for the included set of 500 elements of Mini Waffle Blocks. The first 13 cards are tasks to imitate, complete and continue sequences and rows made of waffles. They have a positive effect on consolidating the habit of linear task performance, stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain, practice logical thinking as well as visual synthesis and analysis. Cards 14-28 primarily support the development of spatial imagination and improve the mobility of hands and fingers known as fine motor skills.

 Building Blocks

For over 20 years, Waffles Blocks have been helping to develop children's spatial imagination. The original shape of the Waffle provides many design possibilities. Thanks to additional shapes, your child can create various structures while exercising their imagination, manual skills and creativity. The characters and animals will be another fun diversion. The product is only made of safe and durable raw materials. Waffle Blocks are proven and the most characteristic of our blocks.